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Get noticed on SoundCloud

Buzzing Likes is a top marketing agency that offers affordable SoundCloud plays and downloads services to help artists get noticed. Their expertise and extensive network can amplify your music’s reach and increase your chances of building a strong fan base on SoundCloud.

Go big on Instagram.

Buzzing Likes stands out as a highly regarded marketing agency known for its exceptional services in the realm of Instagram growth. They offer affordable solutions to amplify your presence on the platform, providing a wide range of options such as Instagram likes and followers with fast delivery and competitive prices. 

TikTok Likes, Views & Followers

Buzzing Likes is a reputable provider of affordable TikTok likes, views, and followers to help users expand their TikTok accounts. By increasing engagement and visibility, they offer a cost-effective solution for boosting your reach on the platform.

Increased Engagement

Purchasing social signals, such as followers, likes, and comments, are a great way to boost natural engagement. We can help you create a natural buzz around your social networking profiles and further advance your audience.

Social Proof

Our authentic likes, followers, and plays will instantly give your brand a boost of social proof. They’re a great way to show that you’re the trusted authority in your space and boost your online reputation quickly.


Buying social media followers and likes can be expensive. Our goal at Buzzing Likes is to make this an affordable option, which is why we offer the cheapest prices in the market.

Targeted Results

If you’re based in North America, or Europe,  you don’t want to be buying Tiktok followers that are based out of other continents, or even worse, bots. That’s why we offer highly-targetted followers for you and your accounts.

Instant Results

Social media growth can be a very slow process. That’s why when you buy social media likes or followers through Buzzing Likes, we’ll process and deliver your order within just 24 hours, for most orders.

Expert Support

As your social media consultants, we can help you determine what package is best suited to your accounts and your goals, at no additional cost. It’s as simple as reaching out to us today.

Easy process

How it works


Choose your service

Select the platform and type of service that you want to order, such as Instagram likes, TikTok followers, or SoundCloud plays.


Enter the link and select quantity

Enter the link to your social media profile or post, and select the quantity of engagement that you want to receive. We offer a range of affordable packages to suit any budget and goal.


Complete your order

Once you’ve selected your service and quantity, simply complete your order through our secure payment system. We accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience


Set Back and Watch

After you’ve completed your order, our team will start processing it immediately. You can sit back and watch as your social media metrics start to grow in real-time. We guarantee fast and reliable delivery, so you can enjoy the results you need, when you need them

buy social media likes

Get Started & Grow Big!

If you’re ready to make a big impact on social media, look no further than Buzzing Likes. As a trusted provider of all things social media, we offer effective solutions to help you grow your presence across various platforms. Buying social media followers and likes has never been easier!

Success Stories

“I wanted to buy SoundCloud plays for uploads to my business account on SoundCloud but I’d never done so before. I never really used SoundCloud before I made an account for my business so I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I was struggling to get noticed and no one was interested in my pictures, so I used BuzzingLikes simply because it was the cheapest site I could find to buy SoundCloud plays from. Once people saw that other people were showing an interest, my profile grew tremendously.”

Kaitlyn Ally

DJ, London, Elegant Themes

“I recently started a small music production company in London and needed to build a bit of trust on the company’s social media channels. I used Buzzing Likes to buy SoundCloud plays at a cheap price so that people who visited our SoundCloud profile would consider us a little more experienced than we actually were at the time. I think having more plays on our uploads was good for our image and helped us get off the ground quite a lot as SoundCloud is a big part of our marketing campaign. So yeah I would definitely recommend people buy SoundCloud plays at Buzzing Likes as they’re pretty cheap and always do a good job!”

Martin F.

Music Producer, UK, AudioVille

“BuzzingLikes works brilliantly for all social networks and social network users. I would advise anyone who wants to buy SoundCloud plays, Instagram followers or even Twitter favorites in particular to visit BuzzingLikes as the prices they hold are the cheapest available on the internet and at the same time, BuzzingLikes is really easy to use. Delivery times are always punctual and as a business owner, this site is perfect for drawing in attention – especially for start-ups that need a small boost to cause a buzz in their industry.”

Jamie Wild

Musician, Toronto

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