So you’ve been busy on SoundCloud, but results are slow. Don’t worry – you’re not necessarily doing anything wrong. However, there are quite possibly a few things you’re not doing, which could really help promote your uploads. So, here are 5 tips on getting noticed on SoundCloud.

1. Promote new uploads using Instagram ads

When you upload something new, take an interesting snippet of your track with some nice artwork and promote it as an ad on Instagram or Facebook. You can create an ad for just a few dollars, and target the ad at people who you think would be interested in what you’re doing.

how to get noticed on soundcloud

Consider targeting people that are interested in similar artists to you, or perhaps the genre that you’re most suited to.

2. Send your tracks to YouTubers and influencers

If you can create a song that a YouTuber will want to use in their video(s), they can link to your SoundCloud account in their description or create a caption on the video. YouTubers have a hard time using music on their videos due to copyright laws, so if your music is good and suits what they’re doing, there’s no reason for them not to use it for free.

3. Create a clean, professional brand image

First, keep your SoundCloud account tidy and organised with clean, professional looking images. Notice how successful artists upload their songs with their album artwork for the thumbnail. This promotes a professional, organised appearance, and you know what they say in the music industry… “Fake it til’ you make it.”

Nobody cares about artists who clearly have little experience in what they’re doing and don’t present any form of real value. A tidy, well-branded SoundCloud profile is going to be more enjoyable for someone to explore compared to one with all kinds of colours and images all over the place.

how to get noticed on soundcloud 2

Another thing to think about is your song titles. If they look messy or your spelling is poor, you can kiss that listener goodbye. Avoid using all capitals or symbols and keep things looking tidy.

Example of a bad title: THI$_N3W_SONG(1) — FEATURING SOMEONE ELSE — 2018

Example of a better title: This New Song (ft. Someone Else)

4. Promote elsewhere

Connect all of your social network accounts and create a large presence with brand consistency. Keep followers in the know by updating your stories on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

how to get noticed on soundcloud 3

You can upload snippets of your work in progress, or finished tracks, then direct people back to your SoundCloud profile to explore more of your work.

5. Consider vlogging on YouTube

Music lovers enjoy seeing other musicians at work, so consider taking advantage. Vlogging doesn’t have to mean sitting in front of a camera, talking. You can simply upload videos of you working or recording with friends. Perhaps you could break down how you created a certain track or provide a tutorial for something. Video is the most loved form of internet traffic, so take advantage.

Bonus tip: Buy some plays for a nudge in the right direction

Lots of plays is the number one indicator that something good is happening on your profile. If it appears you’re creating a buzz, more people will show interest in what you’re uploading. Buy SoundCloud plays to give your profile a boost. the same applies to your other social network accounts. Having a lot of followers and likes on Instagram will spark interest amongst your profile visitors. You can buy Instagram followers here and buy Instagram likes here.

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