Chris Brown Gets Dumped Over Twitter2

Karrueche Tran, on-and-off girlfriend of singer Chris Brown, appears to have split with the star publicly on Twitter claiming ‘One can only take so much.’

Chris Brown Gets Dumped Over Twitter

Supposedly, Chris become a father 9 months ago to friend and former model Nia. According to TMZ, Chris and Nia have known each other for years and he is ‘happy to be a Dad’. The couple are not an official item, but are considered to be on very good terms.

However, it’s been a rocky 4 years for Chris and Karrueche – this isn’t the first time the couple have made the decision to go their separate ways. In fact, Chris and Karrueche have split a number of times in the past, but this time the 26 year old claims she has had enough.Picture2

Nia is supposedly an acquaintance of both Chris and Karrueche, as the three have been photographed partying together in Las Vegas back in May 2013.

Nia seen here on the right hand side.

So, whether Chris and Karrueche are going to get back together or not – we don’t know. This is obviously going to be a little embarrassing for the star, but hey, he’s been looked at in a much darker light in the past.