For the past couple of months now, rapper Drake has been beefing with Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden, and it seems the fans have decided to get involved in all of the excitement, this time outside of social media.

It seems the group turned up at Budden’s house and started filming him, which understandably, pissed him off. After telling the young Drizzy fans to leave him alone, Joe becomes frustrated, and decides to turn the situation into a GTA style car chase. He hunts them down and appears to pull in front of them, forcing them to stop, before exiting his car and approaching their window with what looks like a large rock in his hand. The entire incident was caught on video:

Joe repeatedly warns the boys that he ‘will kill one of them’, and reminds them that ‘this is not the internet’. Having being successful in intimidating the young men, Joe walks away and returns to his car, before – weirdly – one of the boys asks him to follow him on Twitter…?

The beef between Joe and Drake started back in April when Joe spoke out about his disappointment with Drake’s Views album. Since then, the two have been back and forth with diss tracks, which were mostly subtle until recently. Drake even dissed Joe on stage at a recent concert in Dallas, saying “I should have brought Joe Budden up here and let him do ‘Pump It Up’ one time tonight… Pump, pump, pump it up. F-ck them ni**as.”