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If you’ve got a question you’d like to ask us or you’re experiencing some kind of problem, our online chat system allows you to contact us instantly at any point in the day. You can also contact us using our contact form.

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BuzzingLikes is pretty good! Orders are completed almost instantly and their prices are the best I’ve seen. 5 stars!

Ben Bass


Works really well! Orders are completed straight away which is good. Very cheap, too.

Sam Gray


Managed to promote some of our songs very well thanks to BuzzingLikes. Cheap and quick, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

Liam (The Staples)

Band Member

I use BuzzingLikes when I first upload a new song just to get the ball rolling. It’s cheaper than sites I’ve used previously and had no problems so far!

Katy B.


I use SoundCloud to promote my private work in voice acting & singing and BuzzingLikes has really helped me gain some attention.

Damien Hodge


I’ve been using BuzzingLikes for a long time and it’s pretty good. I use it to promote my new stuff.

Carl B.


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