1. Be relevant to your business

This is a big one. Too many people want to rush into receiving likes, followers and comments by posting any image they think people will enjoy. As an individual this may work, but as a company it will not.

For example, if you’re part of a company that sells skin care products, but you’re posting pictures of wedding dresses just because they’re nice, you’re going to throw people off. You wouldn’t see a big company like Nike posting pictures of a cake to try and get some likes, so avoid doing it at all costs!

Post pictures that are relevant to your industry, but mix it up a little to keep people interested.

2. Use relevant hash tags

Nobody likes a hash-tag hoarder! Too often people are typing in every hash-tag they can think of so that more people see their pictures. This is guaranteed to annoy people and make you look needy. ‘Needy’ isn’t a word you want associated with your business.

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3. Think about specific audience interests, too

If your audience is interested in one thing, they’re probably interested in a number of other things that are similar. This goes back to mixing it up in tip 1. If someone likes pens, they might like paper, too! Not the most interesting example of course, but you understand.

4. Include video

That’s right! Instagram is not just about pictures any more. In fact Instagram allows 15-second, filter-enabled, editable video functionality whereas Twitter’s Vine only allows 6.5 seconds. Instagram also allows your videos to be shared across multiple other social networks and even email.

Instagram for Business 4

In the above chart, Jordan Crook compares Instagram’s video function compared to Vine.

5. Follow back – the law of reciprocity

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the law of reciprocity before. What is it? The law of reciprocity states that a good action will be rewarded with a good action. If you give to someone, they feel the ‘want’ to give back.

Follow the people who follow you. Like the pictures that your followers post. Don’t expect to jump into Instagram and have everyone love you when you offer nothing.

6. Posting at times relevant to your industry

This one’s not as obvious as the others. If you keep track of when you’re posting and when you’re getting the most likes, you can learn to post at times that get you maximum results.

For example, a coffee company may post early in the morning when people are feeling the need for a coffee. This may not do as well late at night when people are about to go to sleep.

7. Filters (image of most popular filters)

Filters are a great way of making your uploads nicer to look at. A study carried out by Simply Measured showed that different filters produce different results, with the Lo-fi filter proving most effective.

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8. Host contests or start hash tag trends

To get your followers involved, start a competition or hash tag trend that can attract more attention from your followers’ followers. Take a look at this nifty little contest from Emirates:

Instagram for Business 2


Pretty good idea, right?

9. Join in on trends when relevant

Keep an eye on what’s trending on Instagram. If you spot a hash tag trend which is relevant to you and your company, you can benefit a lot from posting a good photo or video. Remember, this hash tag is already trending, so a lot of people will be able to see your upload.

If you’re a dog grooming company and people are adding #puppy to their photos, this could be a good opportunity for you to jump on the band wagon and get your services noticed.

10. Include brand information on your profile

This one is easy-peasy. Add your company name and website address to your profile, so people can easily see where to find you outside of Instagram.

Have your company logo as your profile picture. If for some strange reason you don’t have or want to use your logo, try and use a picture that is memorable. Don’t change your profile picture too often. People may recognise your profile specifically for your picture – you wouldn’t want to lose their attention by constantly jumping all over Instagram.

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11. Reward your followers

Give your followers a reward for following you. American Express offers exclusive offers to their Instagram followers:

Instagram for Business 4

Give your followers early insight into things like events or future offers – making your followers feel like they’re gaining something by following you will greatly decrease the number of unfollows you get.

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