Back in 2010 – a year after Prison Break originally wrapped – series lead Wentworth Miller implied that the show was unlikely to return:

“I feel as though we told the story we intended to tell. That’s something that’s very rare in television – that you’re allowed closure – and we were.”

You can understand the sentiment, since series finale The Final Break had left Miller’s character – aesthetically pleasing, plentifully tattooed architect Michael Scofield – dead and buried. And yet, next year, we’re being treated to a whole new series! Take a look at the most recent teaser…

Five years on and Miller was re-teamed with his former co-star and screen sibling Dominic Purcell on The Flash – Purcell was Heatwave, fiery familiar of Miller’s Captain Cold on the superhero series, and their reunion sparked (no pun intended) new interest in Prison Break.

“I think the studio always wanted to at some point revisit Prison Break, but at some point Wentworth kind of semi-retired from the business,” Purcell explained. “He’s jumped back into the fray now – and as soon as Wentworth was on board, that’s when the dominos started to fall.”

With buzz at a high, Fox didn’t wait long to make an official announcement. In August, the network broke the news that 10 new episodes of the cult series had been ordered – later cut to nine.

Skip to 2:30 for Prison Break talk!

As for details, a nine-episode event series was announced by Fox in January 2016 and is scheduled to debut in early 2017 and air Tuesdays at 9:00 pm.